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The Startup Life: One step forward and 2 steps back

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Sometimes our worst critic is ourselves. The harder I try to impose timelines on this startup the more it comes back and bites me. It's almost like it's going to go along at its own pace with or without my trying to speed it along. I can see how companies become their own entity as they get larger and take on a personality of their own. It really does seem like this startup is like a child I'm raising in its terrible two's. So what were the issues I ran into this last year? Well this past year, during the Pandemic of 2020, this might shock you, but everything was on lock down! For a startup this means that many people and companies were working from home or not working at all. I was doing zoom calls with my CalPoly University students and professors but I think that my vision for my 'virtual' stethoscope/otoscope was not fully understood during these calls and not much progress was made towards device upgrades. To be fair to my CalPoly students, there wasn't much access to a workshop for the University students to work in during the Pandemic and I think the fast switch to online learning was hard for everyone, students and professors alike, making the transition to virtual learning difficult. At the end of a long 9 month period I was returned a prototype that was worse for wear and looked like it had been through a war. I had a hard deadline for the prototype to make it to an FDA testing lab by the end of the year. Well, after some issues with the postal service and holiday rush delays the prototype made it to the testing lab. One problem, all of the tinkering that was done on the device by the students made the device fall apart at the lab. The lab notified me I need to send them a new prototype. So now, here I am at the beginning of 2021 ordering parts to make a new prototype before the Chinese New year and everything in China closes down for the month. One wonderful development at the end of the year is I had 2 volunteer students offer to make the first House Calls Mobile ® survey! The survey will help us determine at what price point to make the virtual stethoscope/otoscope available and who would find it helpful. Please complete the below survey! It will help us make advancements into the future! Happy New Year! Here's to a worry free 2021 and smooth sailing ahead!

Take the House Calls Mobile ® survey by clicking the below link:

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