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The Startup Life: A disaster strikes, but we're not ready yet

One feeling that seems to happen a lot when creating a Startup is that of being in a constant rush to get going and feeling like you are going nowhere fast. As a founder of a Startup you have the complete picture of where you want to be in your mind but there are a hundred steps that need to be taken before you can get there. That is how I've felt with the new viral threat COVID-19. I have invented this amazing device, the 'Virtual stethoscope/Otoscope". This device can help so many people, especially people who are house bound or in quarantine. My device can connect to a smartphone or tablet and can be used with telemedicine for a more comprehensive video doctor's visit. My device solves so many problems. It prevents doctors or medical practitioners from unnecessary risks that come from managing highly contagious patients plus it can be used in quarantine by patients at home. My device can solve so many problems that can come from a highly contagious viral threat. There is just one problem. My amazing device isn't ready yet for the public. As I sit here writing my clinical trial protocol for FDA approval of my device I watch utter panic outside my doors. I watch as people clear out shelves of toilet paper and eggs from the grocery store. I watch stories of my friends as they spend half the day in the ER being made worse by the people in the waiting room to find out that they cannot be tested for COVID-19 as the ER has run out of test kits or won't test them. Wouldn't it have been simpler to stay home? Get a virtual doctor's visit- check your temperature, have the doctor listen to your heart and lungs and then send you a COVID-19 test kit directly to your home while you stay in quarantine? I think this is just the beginning, this is how society is going to start dealing with public health disasters. Slow and steady is my plan. Hopefully by this time next year my device will be in production. Until then I watch and continue on my startup journey.

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