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Did this really just happen?!

I really just don't know where to begin. I am still in shock over recent developments! Two very big and important things happed for House Calls Mobile ® during the end of 2021. As you may already know if you have been following our posts here at House Calls Mobile ® then you know we have been waiting for 3 important things to develop at the end of 2021. The first was we were waiting to get issued our intellectual patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the second was we were waiting to get our House Calls Mobile ® App developed and lastly we were waiting on FDA approval. Well I am happy to announce that 2 of the 3 things on our wish list for 2021 have already come true in 2022! Thank you HCM community for your continued love and support through this process! With hard work and persistence along with community support House Calls Mobile ® can announce that we were issued February 1 st of 2022 our House Calls Mobile ® 'Virtual stethoscope/Otoscope' Patent!! This patent is huge for us!! With the House Calls Mobile® intellectual property secured with our mechanical patent we now can look for investor support and protect our intellectual property against copy cat developers of similar devices. Investors look for investments that have some intellectual property protections to protect their investments. This Patent may be life changing for House Calls Mobile ®.

The second great news is we have finished phase one of our House Calls Mobile® App on the Apple App store. We have been working for almost 4 years with our App developers in India to make the House Calls Mobile ® App for smartphone use. It is our goal for the user to be able to connect to the HCM App with their smartphone, book an appointment with their provider and connect to the HCM stethoscope/otoscope for a "complete virtual office visit anytime, anywhere". The App is fully developed which is amazing! We still need to work out any bugs the App may have and then after most of the bugs are worked out we will start on developing the sister App for Android users. If you have an Apple iPhone and would like to help us test the House Calls Mobile ® App please contact us at Look for our House Calls Mobile ® App on the Apple App store listed under 'House Calls Mobile'. We will provide gift cards to anyone interested in helping us test the Apple iPhone App. I want to finish my House Calls Mobile ® Apple App news with a call out to any medical providers who would like to test our new House Calls Mobile ® App as a provider. We are in need just as much for providers to test the App as we are for users. The House Calls Mobile ® App connects patients to providers like you would with Uber or Lift with users and drivers. If you are a medical provider and would like to start advertising your business for free on our House Calls Mobile ® App please reach out to us at to arrange for getting provider privileges to our App!

Here's to a happy and Healthy 2022 to everyone! May this year be filled with success, health and happiness for everyone! May all of your New Years dreams come true!


Courtney Farr, CEO and

The House Calls Mobile ® team!

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